For maximum durability and comfort, the Qual.Direct seating portfolio features an unrivalled selection of seating to suit every space.

Specialist student chairs that are comfortable and improve concentration including Bodyfurn by Furnware and Postura Max by Sebel, task chairs that enhance productivity, and visitor chairs that are seriously comfortable. 

We’ve got other spaces covered too - stools for labs and STEAM rooms, and mass seating options for school halls. There's chairs for staffrooms and flexible modular seats for traditional and modern libraries and learning hubs.

And let's not forget floor seating - floor cushions and mats to ensure students that enjoy working down low are even more comfortable.

Our modular soft seating features three select ranges - Base Collection from Furnware, Smart Softies from Sebel and Bend from Actiu. Each range made up of individual ottomans, lounges and sofas, all designed to work together and in combinations with some of our brands' feature tables. These are perfect for schools and university breakout areas and common rooms, and even visitor reception areas.

looking for something else?

The Sebel soft furnishings range of modular ottomans, seats, beanbags and floor cushions is designed to be fun, flexible, and functional - easy to move modular furniture that can be configured in a multitude of ways in record time to create breakout spaces for collaboration and informal learning.   

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