Quality, Safety and Environment (QSE) Management Policy 

Resero Pty Ltd and Resero NZ Ltd (Resero) work with the community to create “spaces that lift everyone to achieve more”. To this purpose, Resero designs, manufactures and distributes seating, desking, storage and associated furniture to markets in Australia, New Zealand and overseas in Education and other markets. At Resero we ensure that all our products are designed, manufactured, purchased and distributed in a systematic way to set and meet consistently high expectations. All Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental considerations are constantly reviewed, addressed, and improved by practising continuous improvement methodologies across the Value Stream from Design & Development to Sourcing, Manufacturing and Distribution. This approach ensures we meet and exceed the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards. 

Workplace Health & Safety 
We understand & support the ethical and legal objectives of the Workplace Health and Safety legislation in the countries we operate in, and we operate in accordance with these objectives, specifically: 

1. The Work, Health & Safety Act 2011 (Australia) 

2. The Work, Health & Safety Regulation 2011 (Australia) 

3. Health & Safety at Work Act (New Zealand) 

4. All associated Guidelines and Codes of Practice 

The Resero Board and the Executive team actively demonstrate leadership and commitment with respect to the WHS management system by taking overall responsibility and accountability for the prevention of work-related injury or ill health, as well as the provision of safe and healthy environment. To this end, we undertake workplace consultation on all aspects of WHS. We also consult and engage with all stakeholders & other interested parties such as customers, suppliers, installers and other stakeholders. In the workplace, we constantly engage with our workforce to eliminate or minimise all workplace hazards & risks to the extent possible. To this end, we set clear objectives, monitor constantly and implement initiatives to achieve the same. 

At Resero, we have a robust framework to continually monitor and achieve our quality objectives. We are committed to delivering quality products and services to our customers in line with our value propositions. We continuously develop innovative products to meet the emerging needs of our customers. Our systems and processes ensure adherence to quality standards right through from sourcing inputs to manufacturing & assembly, delivery and installation, at all times.

We are committed to identifying and meeting our environmental obligations and reducing the impact on the environment from the manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of our furniture. We set targets and review them annually to improve our environmental performance. Our environmental and sustainability objectives are to minimise waste, prevent pollution, practise product stewardship, meet all legal and other regulatory obligations towards the environment, ensure a preference for materials from renewable and recycled sources and practice clean manufacturing to minimise our potential environmental impacts. 
All our employees embrace this QSE policy, complying with the applicable procedures, standards and current legal requirements. They have defined authorities and responsibilities, relevant to their function and these requirements. This is achieved by providing awareness of industry standards, current industry codes of practice as well as the changing legal requirements. We continually review this policy within the triennial certification period as we are committed to developing a culture of best practice in everything we do and with the participation and everyone we work with. 

Duncan Hope 
Chief Executive Officer
Date: 2 November 2022