Ergonomic chairs that prioritise performance and help people sit, feel and work better every day.

Designed for people who do their best work sitting downRelax into a Buro chair and be supported by finely tuned technology from ergonomic experts and award-winning designers. Optimal seat tilts, backrests, and foam density, matched with breathable fabrics and durable plastics. Built to support the way people sit today to help create a more vital tomorrow. 

Resilient, adaptable and customisable chairs. Certified to international standards of sustainability, safety and ergonomic quality, so you can rest assured you’ve ticked all the boxes when purchasing a Buro chair. 

Sustainability in design is about creating things that last and work well, that make the most of resources before, during and after their core use. 

Buro explored sustainable manufacturingboasting an impressive list of certifications and quality marks, evidence that a Buro chair benefits more than just the person sitting in it.